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When The Itsladytmil Agency team met to reimagine how we might serve ministries in the future, we were in agreement on two important issues. First, we were dedicated in finding a way our team specifically provides direct services to ministries. And second, we were in agreement that we would be a guide for ministries to better navigate their future. So, The Ministry GPS was created to fulfill these two goals.


We support ministries through evaluation, strategy, execution, and collaboration to improve their engagement, visibility, and overall, all awareness.


Your ability to connect with people right where they are is what sparks growth.This is achieved through engagement. Engagement done well keeps peoplecoming back, going deeper and bringing others with them. The Ministry GPSspecializes in giving you the tools to:

clarifyyourmessage copy.png

Establish confidence in your

mission/vision in a way that

attracts others.

celebrateyourbrand copy.png

Build a bridge through branding that attracts people and delivers on its promise.

conformyourvisitors copy.png

Create an experience, that takes visitors on a journey that provokes theminto buying into who your mission/vision

createyourcommunity copy.png

Build systems to form

commitment and growth with your mission/vision. 

continueyourculture copy.png

Give you the necessary tools and resources to further your mission/vision. 


Dr. Khaalida Forbes

Hiring T’Mil to walk our team through the nuances of marrying ministry with the digital landscape, was the best decision we made while navigating through the Covid-19 season.  Her abundance of expert information, ability to join sound biblically-based knowledge with technological & social media savvy, coupled with her anointed ministry giftings that aid in her ability to customize what was needed for our particular church, both expanded our capacity & enlarged our impact.  Every organization needs a skilled Navigator, and T’Mil Curtis is just that. We look forward to working with the  T'Mil
Agency again.


T’Mil Curtis possesses a wealth of knowledge in multiple fields including digital, social and music platforms.  Her expertise has proven valuable to me as she’s been an immense resource for several projects I’m currently working on. T’Mil has put the effort into becoming credentialed to ensure what she offers is not hyperbole but experiential and proven techniques to benefit anyone who adheres to her guidance.  


As pastor of Love & Faith Community Church, I’m blessed to have an amazing creative department. However, during a pandemic I believe even creatives need someone to stir their creativity. The first person I thought of was T’Mil Curtis, not just because she’s a great friend and sister but because she has been promoting virtual development for churches years before we saw the need for it. Due to the pandemic every church needed to learn how to function virtually but imagine how more prepared and effective the church could have been before the pandemic if we listened to prophetic creative mind like T’Mil Curtis. I firmly believe she is one of the leading minds that churches and corporations need to navigate through transitions in the most innovative ways. Her thinking is out of the box, but it strengthens everything in the box. 

Bishop Jason Nelson

Bishop Lamar Simmons

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